The Traditional Work Horse
Ex-Pub Table - Reburbished

7ft x 3.6ft, 19mm 1 piece slate
Mahogany Re-Stained
Traditional Round Turned Legs
Polished Brass Feet / Fittings
Telementry/Mechanical Coin
Accepts $1 & $2

SOLD OUT (excludes delivery & setup)



Refurbished Modern Electronic

7ft x 3.6ft, 19mm 1 piece slate
Golden Oak
Modern Square Legs
Electronic Programable Coin System & Free Play Option
Accepts $1 & $2

$4499 (excludes delivery & setup)


Traditional Pub Table
(solid non coin operated)

7ft x 3.6ft, 19mm 1 piece slate
Golden Teak or Honey Oak
Traditional Round Turned
Brass or Chrome Feet / Fittings

$4200 (excludes GST, delivery & setup)


Table Sports & Accessories

Room Size & Felt Colours

Here you will find the room size and felt colours for your table.


There are 30 different colours to choose from when recovering your table. From traditional green to exotic purples.


The table you choose will depend on the size of your room in which you want to place your new table.

All dimensions and measurements are carried using a 57" cue for a MINIMUM playing area.


Use the "room size & felt colours" link to view these dimensions.