Q & A

Q: Can I pick up my item?

Unfortunately we no longer have staff at our warehouse. All items will be delivered by us or Australia Post unless bulky freight

Q: Why Do I Need Chalk?

Chalk is a great aid in a game of Pool Billiards & Snooker. It adds to and regulates the amount of friction between the cue ball and the cue tip.
The chalkiness, for lack of a better terms, ensures that the cue tip doesn’t slip as it makes contact with the cue ball. Commonly called ‘A Miscue”.

¬†Anyone who has played a bad shot knows that if the tip doesn’t strike the cue ball in the exact right spot, you will send the ball in a vastly different direction than planned. Chalk helps to ensure that the contact made between cue tip and cue ball sticks.

Q: What is Chalk?

The chalk used for cue sports like Pool, Billiards & Snooker is made by crushing silica and the abrasive substance corundum, or aloxite (aluminum oxide) into a powder.

 It is said that the idea behind chalking cue tips come from the French. Apparently, they would grind their cues into plaster ceilings or walls to ensure that there would be friction between the tip and ball on contact.