Century Pro Titanium Ferrule


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Century Pro Titanium Ferrule

The world’s first titanium alloy low deflection snooker cue ferrule, precision-engineered for optimum structural integrity no matter how many times you retip. Designed and developed to work in harmony with Century Pro cue tips to deliver the best playing experience possible for your cue.

Discover¬†Century Pro Ti-F – The world’s first low deflection titanium Cue Sport ferrule.

Sporting standards are continually improving as advances in training, technique, and application are developed and introduced. However, unless the equipment used keeps pace with these changes, progress becomes impaired or even stops. Snooker is no exception. Brass has been the material of choice for snooker cue ferrules for over a century, yet it is far from ideal. Due to the relative softness of brass, every retip reduces the diameter of the ferrule and compromises its shape. Even a light polish at the end of the job will remove material. This inevitably changes the way the cue feels and plays, making consistency impossible to achieve. Imagine a ferrule where this cannot happen. A ferrule that retains its structural integrity for life no matter how many times you retip. That ferrule is the Century Pro Ti-F.

Range from 8mm – 10mm


8mm, 8.25mm, 8.5mm, 8.75mm, 9mm, 9.25mm, 9.5mm, 9.75mm, 10mm


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