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Dufferin HCY3 Ash 3/4 57″ Cue (yellow) w/ 6″ mini extension

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Dufferin HCY3

This full-size, 57 inch, ¾ jointed cue is crafted in Canada from kiln-dried American Ash.

Dufferin has a legendary reputation for superior quality cues.
The Canadian Dufferin HCY3 cue is a high-quality 3/4 ash pool cue. It is artfully dried and turned vertically to guarantee absolute straightness and strength.
It features a 9mm Elkmaster glue-on tip, brass ferrule, and quick release joiner, for easy separation of the cue when packing away.
It’s finished off with a brass Dufferin disc pressed into the base, and rubber bumper.

Canadian high-grade ash with a matching oiled grain finish and a 6″ hardwood extension completes this cue. It is easy to transport to pool halls or anywhere you play pool, as it breaks into 2-pieces (3 including the extension) and can be stored away when not in use. The careful manufacturing process by Dufferin has ensured its name remains infamous in the 8-ball and billiard Industry. Owning a Dufferin cue is the first step to beating your opponents; its reputation is one of high standard.

Made by Dufferin

Manufacture & Specifications
This cue features a solid brass ferrule and a 9.5 Elkmaster tip.

Cue Length


Shaft Length

Butt Length

14 3/4″




Select Grade A Ash



Balance Point



Solid brass, ‘Quick Release’ joint

Butt End Joint

Yes, SD Quick Action


Between 16.5 to 18 oz



Weight0.500 kg