Snooker Cue Extension to suit Peradon Cues


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Extend your Peradon cue with the Peradon Quick-Action Telescopic Cue Extension. The male joint fits to any Peradon cue with a female screw-socket in the butt of the Peradon Cue. Its telescopic nature means you can adjust the length of the extension to suit you depending on how far you will need to stretch.

The Peradon Quick-Action Telescopic Mini Butt-End Cue Extension is ebonised and black to give a matching rigid feel to any cue it is fitted to. This extension works with all Peradon Cues that have a female socket extension at the butt of the cue.

This extension is fast, light, and easy-to-use and because it can fit straight into the butt end of the cue means there is no need to start unscrewing you existing cue to play any awkward to reach shots.

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6" Mini Black, 12" Telescopic, 23" Telescopic, 6" Mini Ebony


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