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The Modern-O 7FT


If you’re in the market for a high-quality entry-level slate pool table with solid timber construction – no use of MDF – you’ll love the Opal.

One of the stylish tables within Snooker Kiosk range, with four 6-inch square legs and adjustable feet, the Modern-O is perfect for bringing family and friends together while also complementing other furnishings in your entertaining area.

There is no compromise on quality in the solid box-frame construction of this pool table, which features hardwood rails, legs bolted directly into the solid timber frame – which has five 7-inch by 1-inch solid timber cross-members – and pocket protectors hand-stitched onto solid bolted-down chrome brackets (far superior to screw-on pockets, providing a stronger hold).

Although pool table slate has traditionally been sourced from Italy, slate exported from Brazil is now widely used by some of the largest and best billiards manufacturers in the world as it offers greater abrasive resistance allowing for a better finish. The one-piece Brazilian slate used in the Opal also meets the minimum international standard of ¾-inch thickness.

In addition, the use of high-grade English directional cloth allows for fast, smooth play with superior spin to enhance game play.

The Modern-O is available in Black or White.

Weight220 kg

7FT, 8FT

Timber Colour

Teak, Walnut

Cloth Colour

Blue, Green, Burgundy, Custom

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