Room Planner

Planning Your Room

When it comes to the purchase of a pool, billiards or snooker table for your home, office or venue, it’s not just the table you will need to consider. You will also need to take the following 5 points into account.

  1. ROOM SIZEthe length x width of the room
  2. DECOR’the colours of the room
  3. STYLEthe type of furniture and other components of the room
  4. FLOORINGthe type of floor i.e, carpet, tile, concrete, floating
  5. TABLE SIZEthe prefered playing size i.e pub style, half-size, snooker etc

Below is a room size chart as well as a pallet of cloth colour to choose from for the playing surface of your table.

Shorter cues can be purchased to accommodate for rooms with awkward corners or where space is limited. For more information, feel free to give us a call or use our contact page to send us a msg.

Table SizeIdeal Room SizeMinimum Room Size
7 foot (7′ x 3’6″)5.10m x 4.00m4.90m x 3.80m
8 foot (8′ x 4′)5.49m x 4.30m5.00m x 3.90m
9 foot (9′ x 4’6″)5.80m x 4.45m5.20m x 4.00m
10 foot (10′ x 5′)6.10m x 4.60m5.49m x 4.10m
12 foot (12′ x 6′)6.70m x 4.90m6.20m x 4.20m
Check Your Room Size – Plan For The Future
Cloth Colour Pallet
Please note, colour may vary due to different types of monitors and settings..