Re-clothing / Recovering

At the Snooker Kiosk we only use the best quality 100% wool cloth ‘Made in England’ when recovering our tables. Snooker Kiosk will come to you and replace the cloth on your table and most jobs are done onsite.
Whether you just need to replace the bed cloth or require a full re-cloth of your table, we’ve got you COVERED.

We only use Strachan cloth for all our re-clothing services to achieve and maintain a high standard and quality job. Strachan has proven to last up to more than 40 years in the home environment when well maintained.

Did you know that the wool used in Strachan 6811 cloth comes from Australia?
Australian sheep have the finest wool in the world therefor is best used to make fast and durable table baize.

After we finish re-clothing your table we will go through the necessary steps in cleaning and maintaining your new table cloth and answer any questions that may arise.
There are other cloth brands available such as Mitchell, FSN & Hainsworth should you wish to use or replace a specific brand.
For all reconditioning, recovering and re-clothing services, please provide details via our Contact Us page and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

For a quicker response, please include the size, length (mm), width (mm), colour choose and location in the message field.

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